[Accounts-enwiki-l] Followup: ACC policy/Privacy policy reminder

DeltaQuad Wikipedia deltaquadwiki at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 05:36:09 UTC 2013
Hello everyone,

Last night Simon and I received the final message we needed from the 

Helpmebot has had all functionality restored except comments being live 
posted to the channel. It is because it contains non-public data and is 
therefore in violation of the privacy policy. At this time, we do not 
have to lock the channel down, and it will remain open.

We have two new actions (well not necessarily new) that will get you 

*Inserting *non-public* data into the comments of ACC - This is in 
violation of the data retention policy that the Foundation follows and 
would require Simon and I to review every single comment put into the 
system and remove this type of data if we allowed it. For all existing 
members of ACC that are subscribed to this list, this is your warning. 
For new members, we'll try and make sure they know of this rule. If they 
don't know about it, they will get 1 warning. After the 1 warning (or 
this message), any further violations will result in a timed suspension, 
probably starting around the 1 or 2 week mark, because this is very 
serious. Repeat violations will cause permanent suspension.

:*Non-public data in this case includes anything that is, is 
commenting on, or that can lead to non-public data collected by the 
system. This means that the email and the IP.

*Releasing information from the tool or the mailing list outside of the 
interface or mailing list - The Foundation takes our tool as about as 
serious as they would with CheckUser as our interface contains similar 
data available to you. All violations of this rule result in an 
immediate indefinite suspension. This also requires that Simon and I 
report such violation to the Foundation. I have been asked to let you 
know that this could result in the lost of your identified status at 
meta and the ability to identify in the future.

Any violations of these two rules do need to be reported to a tool 
administrator, which will be forwarded to Simon and I. Simon and I will 
be available if you don't feel comfortable talking to another tool admin 
for whatever reason. We will hold the reporter's name and the report in 
confidentiality between the two of us and yourself. (I don't see any 
other reason why other tool admins wouldn't do the same, but I'm 
mentioning it as an option)

I really enjoy working with you guys, your a great and diverse team, and 
I hate having to get this serious, but it's the nature of how things 
have to roll. If you have any questions about this, please let Simon or 
I know.

English Wikipedia Administrator and Checkuser

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